1898 SAFA Grand Final
Date and Held
Sat 10 Sep 1898 2:10 pm, Adelaide Oval
Field Umpires
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8.8 56 South Adelaide, 4.8 32 Port Adelaide
Television broadcast
Most Goals
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Best on Ground
South Adelaide Win

The 1898 SAFA Grand Final would be played between South Adelaide and Port Adelaide at Adelaide Oval. South Adelaide would win against the Magpies by 24 points in a South Adelaide dominated match.

1898 SAFA SeasonEdit

South AdelaideEdit

South Adelaide played in 14 matches and only losing two against Port Adelaide and Norwood.

Port AdelaideEdit

Port Adelaide also played in 14 matches and losing 4 usually in small margins.

1898 SAFA FinalsEdit

South AdelaideEdit

South Adelaide finished the season on top of the ladder which meant a automatic spot in the Grand Final.

Port AdelaideEdit

Port Adelaide finished second on the ladder playing the third spot Norwood and wining by 22 point, the Magpies would play South Adelaide in the Grand Final.

1898 SAFA Grand FinalEdit

The Magpies and South Adelaide would clash at Adelaide Oval with South Adelaide expected to win.

First QuarterEdit

South Adelaide soured ahead on 4.3 27 leaving the Magpies on 0.1 1 by the First quarter.

Second QuarterEdit

South then put on a show without mercy they doubled their score by the end of the second quarter they were on 8.5 53 and the Magpies were on 1.3 9.

Third QuarterEdit

The Magpies made an incredible comeback by leaving South Adelaide scoreless and kicking 2 goals, however, South Adelaide's defence was great and stopping Port from a lot of scoring opportunities.

Fourth QuarterEdit

By the last quarter the Magpies were looking to win and giving a fair shot but South Adelaide were too strong in the end winning by 24 points.


South Adelaide Port Adelaide
4.3 27 Q1 0.1 1
8.5 53 Q2 1.3 9
8.5 53 Q3 3.6 24
8.8 56  Q4 4.8 32

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