2014 SANFL Season: Round 6, West Adelaide v Adelaide
Date and Held
6:30 PM / Sat 10 May (City Mazda Stadium)
Field Umpires
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West Adelaide:12.7-79
Television broadcast
Most Goals
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Best on Ground
West Adelaide: A. Hartlett, D. Caire, T. Keough
Adelaide: J. Lyons, L. Thompson, C. Ellis-Yolmen
West Adelaide Win

Line UpEdit

West AdelaideEdit

A.Fielke T.Silverlock T.Tuck
C.Schmidt B.Fisher R.Milne
P.Nelson J.Beech T.Keough
D.Caire A.Hartlett S.Green
J.Ezard K.Stevens L.Hill
D.Webb M.Still R.Newell
J.Schiller B.Macreadie M.Middleton


R.Knight T.Carroll S.Mckernan
A.Spina G.Robinson A.Burns
M.Thompson A.Graham C.Ellis-Yolmen
L.Thompson J.Lyons A.Otten
T.Davis-Neale J.KellyR. Atkins
T.Hughes B.Merrett S.Siggins
J.Battersby M.O'Malley W.Paynter


West Adelaide Adelaide
6.1-37 Q1 2.0-12
6.2-38 Q2 4.2-26
11.4-70 Q3 5.3-33
12.7-79 Final 6.6-42

Goal ScorersEdit

West Adelaide: A. Fielke 3, T. Silverlock 2, T. Tuck 2, C. Schmidt 2, B. Fisher , R. Milne , P. Nelson

Adelaide: S. McKernan , A. Burns , T. Carroll , A. Spina , G. Robinson , R. Knight

Best on GroundEdit

West Adelaide: A. Hartlett, D. Caire, T. Keough, T. Tuck, T. Silverlock, J. Beech

Adelaide: J. Lyons, L. Thompson, C. Ellis-Yolmen, R. Knight, A. Graham, M. Thompson


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